HOTELS:   Make reservations right away! (Compare to Priceline, Kayak, Trip Advisor, etc ,     before reserving.  Sometimes cheaper than we can negotiate.


Holiday Inn Downtown                         RATE:                                       304-523-8880                                     

Holiday Inn and Suites Barboursville   RATE:                                           304-733-3338                                                                                                                                                             

Fairfield Inn and Suites                        RATE:                                        304-696-8777                                          

Comfort Inn and Suites  South Point   RATE                                           740-894-1700

Comfort Inn Barboursville                    RATE:                                        304-733-2122                                                     

Hampton Inn   & Suites Barboursville  RATE:                                         304-733-5300

Hampton Inn                            RATE:                                                 304-523-8001

Ramada Limited                      RATE:                                                   304-523-4242

Best Western  Barboursville    RATE:                                                     304-736-9772

Pullman Plaza                          RATE:                                                  304-525-1001